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Personal Information

CHIRS (the corporate guardian of this website) will not distribute information about any registered user to any third party without the express consent of the registered user.

Although we take every reasonable precaution to secure the contents of this website (including all personal information), we cannot guarantee that it is immune to illegal attacks (including but not limited to fraud, vandalism and theft) from outside parties (i.e. hackers).


As an extra measure of security, your password is not actually stored anywhere on our system. We therefore cannot view or retrieve your password by any known means (and neither could intruders).

Email Addresses

Email addresses provided to this website will be used for the following purposes only:
  1. Account management (e.g. Registration, Password recovery)
  2. Unsolicited emails IF you have expressly agreed to receive such email.

We will neither sell nor divulge your email address to any third party.